Third day of Bowiemas

On the last day, his last day, we merely note Bowie rampant and triumphant. Where he was, where he will be, wherever he still goes. The rules for celebrating today are the most easy. You just have to like David Bowie, listen to one of his songs at least once, and reflect on where youContinue reading “Third day of Bowiemas”

Bowiemas number 2

The second day represents the 69* years of his incarnation as a meat-and-two-veg person. Given that he is not around to deliver a bottle of milk to, this day of marking Bowie the man is celebrated, slightly paradoxically, by examination of Bowie the image. We think about the traces left behind, the persistence of hisContinue reading “Bowiemas number 2”

First day of Bowiemas

The Cult of the Black Star Christmas ends finally on January 6th with the arrival of the magicians. Then there is yesterday, a pause. Traditionally a time of drizzle, fog and other atmospheric densities. And then there is today, when we mark both Mr. Jones’ birthday, and the bleak intimation of his death with theContinue reading “First day of Bowiemas”