New Model Weird Britain (part two: Brighton via Anaklia) Initially the aesthetic deployment is as exhausting as it is exhausted – recirculated street-art, the endless noughnties of the mind and the city, where graffiti acts as a territorial marking signifying only: ‘this is gentrifiable space’.   But I can’t help loving something about this building siteContinue reading “Storytide”

The Weird Shall Rise Again

New Model Weird Britain (part one: London)  Really interesting blog stuff lately from Brighton’s master nightside artificer and freshly minted half-centenarian* Paul Lazarus Watson. Paul is always great for a book recommendation, and another post in particular caught my eye… In his recent look at Mark Fisher’s discussions of the weird (in brief that itContinue reading “The Weird Shall Rise Again”

An archipelago

Or, New Model Weird Britain (part zero) Long ago now, I spent Boxing Day 2019 and the tip of the Deep Christmas peninsula in the reflective but convivial company of Alex Niven‘s brisk, farsighted New Model Island: How to build a radical culture beyond the idea of England. The text gets caught between two keyContinue reading “An archipelago”